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Journal to the Self Workshops

Jayde is a certified Journal to the Self instructor. In this 12 hour program, Jayde will guide you through several techniques you can use to transform your journal into a personal development and therapeutic tool. Journal to the Self was developed by Kathleen Adams, and is based on Journal to the Self. Courses are offered in three formats: over a weekend (2 day intensive), four 3 hour sessions, or six 2 hour sessions. Minimum class size is 4.



Jayde offers several single-evening workshops, including an introduction to Journal to the Self, Compassionate Development,  Journaling for Goal-Setting, and Self-Improvement Through Journaling. All of these workshops offer time to explore specific journal techniques and share experiences. Workshops can be customized to the needs of a particular group, please contact Jayde to discuss.


One-on-One and Group Coaching

You set the topics and agenda, Jayde will help you use your journal as a personal development tool to achieve your goals and dreams. You will learn to trust your intuition, develop greater self-awareness, develop goals and plans to help you live a life more in tune with your personal values. Clients also learn how to develop an introspective spiritual practice. Coaching is available face-to-face in Reno/Sparks, or via telephone or Skype.


Speaking Engagements

Jayde is available to speak at your event. Please contact us for more information and to make arrangements.


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