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Jayde Gilmore

Associate Certified Coach, ICF

Journal to the Self Certified Instructor, TWI

Student Certified Journal Facilitator, TWI


I discovered the power of the journal in my teens when a friend gave me a copy of The New Diary by Tristine Ranier. I have kept a journal – with varying levels of commitment – ever since.

I spent a lot of years shoehorning myself into highly technical jobs – engineering project manager, database administrator, website designer, software trainer, etc. During a medical leave from work, I had the epiphany that I don’t want to build things, I want to build people. This led me to become a life coach, and in the process rekindled my love of journaling with intention.

The techniques that I teach my clients are in many cases techniques that I have used in my own journal to help me overcome self-confidence issues and to accomplish big goals. I strongly believe that anyone can learn to use a journal to make changes and live a truly joyful life. The more I learn, the stronger this belief becomes. For the spiritual aspect, these techniques work within any religious system. I do not encourage any specific faith over another.

I love to work one-on-one or in small groups. I offer Journal to the Self workshops, journal mastermind groups, and one-on-one coaching. I can also bring my services to your organization, and I’m happy to discuss ways to customize my services to your needs.

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